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RIS Thin@ Technical Support

Our Thin@ Technical Support Team is regularly available Mon-Fri from 8AM to 5PM UTC+1 (from 11PM to 8AM PST). Phone: +385 51 687 515. Email: If the time does not suit you, contact us and we will arrange another time.

Thin@ Support Team Members:

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RIS Thin@ Remote Connection Support


If you encounter difficulties and need further assistance in transitioning your applications to Thin@, we can assist you by connecting to your Computer remotely.

Click here to download the TeamViewer RIS Online Thin@ Support tool. After downloading it, start it and send us your unique connection ID that will be displayed.


Thin@ documentation

Thin documentation Thin@ QuickStartGuide
Find out how to implement Thin@ in your application(s) in a matter of minutes. (1 page)
Thin documentation Thin@ Programmer's Guide
Detailed Thin@ implementation and programming instructions. (41 pages)
Thin documentation Thin@ System Architecture manual
Thin@ framework and features described. (7 pages)
Thin documentation Thin@ Installation Instructions
Step-by-step description of the installation proces and features. (38 pages)
Thin documentation Thin@ Administrator's guide
Administrator's instructions about managing Thin@ servers, applications and users. (29 pages)
Thin documentation Thin@ Software As Service Model (SaaS) manual
Thin@ SaaS business model support described, including: SaaS billing options, SaaS features, maturity levels, etc. (9 pages)


Product activation

Thin documentation

Thin@ Product Activation Instructions

One-page Thin@ activation instructions, which makes the product fully functional.



Thin documentation How many users can connect simultaneously to a single Thin@ server?
It depends on the hardware configuration of your server computer, but you can expect to have around 250-300 concurrent users per Thin@ server without any noticable performance penalties. NOTE: In the past, Windows Heap Size Limitation was a limiting factor. However, in Windows Server 2003 (64-bit), Windows Server 2008 (23-bit and 64-bit), Windows 7 and Windows Vista this is no longer an issue. Read more about Thin@ Server hardware configuration.
Thin documentation Which Clarion versions does ThiN@ support ?
ThiN@ was fully and thoroughly tested to work bug-free with the latest Clarion release, as will always be the case. The supported Clarion versions are: 9.0, 8.0, 7.3, 7.2(available in the zip-archive), 6.3, 6.2 and 6.1.
Thin documentation Are MDI windows supported?
Yes. You can have many windows opened and work on them at the same time.
Thin documentation Does Thin@ send graphical information over the internet ?
No. Thin@ communicates by sending object information in a XML format. That is one the reasons why it is so fast and uses very little bandwidth.
Thin documentation Is it possible to use Clarion 3rd party products with Thin@?
With your feedback we plan to support all templates that might not be working properly. Just to mention a few templates we made support for: Capesoft Insight Graphing, Anyfont, Fomin Report Builder, CPCS Reports, Capesoft NetTalk FTP, Noyantis ChartPro and ShortcutBar etc. Please visit our Thin@ 3rd Party Support page on our forums for more information.
Thin documentation Which Operating Systems does Thin@ support ?
The Server side was tested on and supports Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, NT, 2003 Server, 2008 Server and 2012 Server - both 32bit and 64 bit. The Thin@ WinApi Client side was tested on and supports all the abovementioned operating systems, as well as Windows 95, 98 and Millennium Edition. The Thin@ Java Client works also on Linux and Mac operating systems.
Thin documentation If you know the Ip driver template from SV, it is the same or different technology ? 
Different technology. Clarion IP driver only separates database process to server side but all window operations, calculcations and other functions are still client dependent. 

Thin@ uses the client only to draw the user interface of the server side application. All application operations are server dependent and Thin@ is completly database independent as well.

Combining Thin@ + IP driver is an excellent solution for companies that look for a professional but still inexpensive RIA hosting solution with a server farm and using the TopSpeed database.
Thin documentation If everything is executed on the server and the client only receives the object information to draw the windows etc., then is it possible to run something only on the client side ?
Yes. There are functions by which you can simply run client-only-code or even executables that are run only on the client side.You could, for example, make a window to be displayed only on the client side or you can run a program from the client's computes. You could run a scanning software to scan the client's documents and import them into the database using your application, or you could call a text editor to open and edit a file.
Thin documentation What are the advantages of Thin@ over Remote Desktop Connection?
The main advantage is that Remote Desktop Connection products (such as Citrix, Terminal Services, etc.) operate by sending large graphical objects from the server to the client, while the Thin@ server sends much smaller chunks of data, which means less bandwidth and much faster window refresh, even on the highest screen resolutions. Other advantages include centralised server administration and other great Thin@ features such as auto-reconnect, user licensing , SaaS support etc. And finally, the cost of a Thin@ server license is incomparably smaller than the cost of 130-250 CALs for any RDC product.
Thin documentation Is the Thin@ server source code included in the package?
No, the server source code is not included. However, you will find the full source code of the Thin@ client, which you can modify in order to accommodate it to your business needs.
Thin documentation Can I use the software for free, without registering it ?
The Thin@ Client is free. However, the Thin@ Server Should be licensed. An Unregistered Thin@ Server is severely limited and it serves mainly for demonstration purposes. If you determine that it suits your needs, we suggest that you buy a Thin@ Server License.
Thin documentation What are the limitations of an Unregistered Thin@ Server?
To assist you with transitioning your Clarion applications to Thin@, your applications will run for a maximum of 5 minutes on Unregistered Thin@ Servers. After that your session will be disconnected. This is the only restriction of an Unregistered Thin@ Server, and it should allow you to test your applications with Thin@ before buying a Thin@ Server License and moving to Production.
Thin documentation How can I buy a Thin@ Server License?
You can buy a Thin@ server license by clicking on the 2Checkout logo in the Purchase session of the webpage. is our authorized retailer. accepts all sorts of credit card payment (Master Card, VISA, Discover, Amex and many others) as well as PayPal.
Thin documentation How do I register a Thin@ Server? How do I activate my Thin@ Server License, after I bought it ?
You can use your account on our webpage to see a list of the products you have bought and which are now awaiting for activation. For detailed instructions about Thin@ Server Registration, see our Thin@ Product Activation Instructions.
Thin documentation Can I use a single Thin@ Server License on more than one server computer ?
No. For every Thin@ Server computer, you must buy a separate license.
Thin documentation What about software upgrades?
There are regular software upgrades which you can download from our site. These upgrades include bug fixes as well as software improvements and new features.
Thin documentation Will I have to pay for software upgrades ?
No. Software upgrades are provided for free. However, you will have to buy new major versions of the software.
Thin documentation I have installed a new Operating System, how can I reactivate my Thin@ server application?
Simply install it and enter your old activation key.
Thin documentation What are the hardware requirements of a Thin@ Server?
To find out more information about hardware requirements of your Thin@ Application Servers, you can read this post on our forums.
Thin documentation What is the best way to start hosting my Clarion Thin@ applications?
Click here to find out more information about the hosting options we recommend.


Refund policy

REfund Software sold via ESD (Electronically Distributable Software) is subject to different guidelines than that sold in a box. The main benefit of ESD is that the vast majority of products' functionality and features can be tested prior to purchase. Read more!