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GUIManager and window resizer features

  Create a Modern, Efficient And Practical Application That Will Delight Your Clients!
  You have finally finished developing your application and it is time for a presentation to clients. Even though you have spent a lot of time and effort, the application looks pretty outdated and inefficient; and you know that the first impression is the most important one.
  Our GUI manager is a unique product that makes your Clarion applications look modern and attractive! It transforms the existing menu bar MDA into an office toolbar style, resolution adaptive to full screen applications.
  The manager offers the possibility of creating five different toolbar variants, dynamically altering the structure, composition and design.
  The work area becomes practically and efficiently used, and the visual area gets organized according to the importance of the information and data.

  Content aware automatic windows resizer
  During the era of small computer screens we have developed a specialized application in Clarion for a large Croatian company. The application is still in use. With a built in algorithm for widening/narrowing, the Windows resizer recognizes real needs for narrowing or widening of a window, optimally using the screen space in the same manner a human would. Along with the automatic adjustment, the possibility of manual adjustment has been simplified.
  When the standard screen sizes started to change, windows in our applications started to look awkward and impractical and there were more than a thousand screens. This is why we developed a tool which enabled our applications to automatically and flexibly adapt to different screen sizes and resolutions taking into account all the design elements: contents, field of vision, aesthetics and practicality.
  With a built in algorithm for widening/narrowing, the Windows resizer recognizes real needs for narrowing or widening of a window, optimally using the screen space in the same manner a human would. Along with the automatic adjustment, the possibility of manual adjustment has been simplified.

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ThiN@ features

  Key features
  easy (almost none additional work in transition) Internet deployment with Windows API look style
  very stable working environment
  run as fast as desktop applications
  identical user interface as in original application including pictures, icons, menus and most Clarion control types
  multithreaded application support (allows multi-window environment inside applications)
  auto-reconnect option included ( if you lose your internet connection or something happens with your network, the client will automatically try to reconnect and as soon as the network is back you can continue your work without any additional action)
  balanced application load on multiple servers
  SaaS (Software as a Service) maturity level 4 support: usage-based billing calculation algorithms integrated allowing the host company to charge by usage time
  Automatic resolution adaptive font resizer
  Powerful and easy server administration
  centralized server management tool (the farm database is maintained centrally)
  wizards for all administrative options
  capable of reviewing and terminating all user connections
  integrated user activity log (It's possible to view all user session data, including user login / logoff time, session time and active session time.)
  Advanced client connection tool
  client user connection review (user connections can be reviewed in the thin@ client main window)
  integrated automatic client upgrade solution (new versions of the client with additional files, for example new functionalities, can easily be distributed among users)
  open source client ((modifying the appearance and various client options allowed)
  integrated client proxy support with authentication
  User licensing and authentication
  username / password user authentication with licensing included (you can set the expire date per user license)
  licensing per application included (it is possible to declare which application a user can activate)
  client recognition by username or machine unique key (allowing clients to connect through available license slots, and eliminating "ghost" applications in case of unpredicted application failure).
  external authentication solution (for example you can authenticate thin@ users with database authentication or with windows authentication, such as Active Directory)
  company / user classification supported
  Other features
  does not require any other products to load (such as Clarion app broker) except the Clarion client tool, the server program and the Clarion application
  integrated, unique and powerful internet communication error checking (in case of instable networks)
  file download and file upload included (file size limit can be tweaked)
  allows running command prompt commands, scripts and programs on the client machine
  allows running a web test environment on the local machine without any additional server program
  integrated time check on download of icons, pictures and other window file controls (icons and pictures download only if there is a file time difference)
  instead of using only one timeout per application, thin@ uses the 'long timeout' feature as well, which is triggered in case of long running operations or reports
  dynamic creation of client server directory (allowing the client's uploaded files to be distinguished on the file system from other clients' files)
  Most Clarion features supported, including:
  integrated report preview of classic WMF files with PDF export support allowed on client
  Thin@ event generation works on every window event, including the SELECT() command. Select and accept events can be tweaked for every window control, increasing performace.
  edit-in-place support
  prop:timer event supported
  prop:touch supported on control selection
  proplist:mousedown events included
  all dialogs included (color dialog, file dialog, printer dialog, font dialog)
  AnyFont template support included (you can use AnyFont template on application windows)
  control color marker supported
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