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Thin@ 3.31 released! (December 9, 2016)

Check release notes for list of changes.

Thin@ 3.3 released! (October 28, 2016)

Check release notes for list of changes.

Check out our latest webinar! (Feruary 29, 2016)

Check out our latest webinar at

THIN@ Solution is Switching Over to A Subscription Model! (January 20, 2016)

As of January 20th 2016, license for Thin@ Solution will be available through a new
subscription model. The biggest news for the users is that a buyer of a yearly
subscription becomes licensed for the use of Thin@ on an unlimited number of
over during subscription validity period (previously, a new license needed to be
purchased for each new server).

During the subscription period users will be entitled to upgrades as well as user support.
Upon expiry of the subscription, existing licenses will remain valid but users will not be
able to install to new servers and download and install upgrades.

Existing users will be able to download new versions of Thin@ until June 1st 2016.
During the past three years, Thin@ Solution has become a popular tool in the Clarion
community, recognized by its users as a professional Smart Client solution which easily
and quickly transforms Clarion applications into SaaS Business Internet Applications.
Through its new subscription model, Thin@ is now becoming more available to smaller organizations.

NEW Product GUIManager and resizer released! (September 24, 2015)

Check out the application demo (GUIManager) in our demo servers section.

To buy the template check out our purchase section.


Thin@ USA demo server launched! (March 18, 2015)

Check out the demo section.


Thin@ Case Studies (June 29, 2012)

The first Thin@ Case Studies ClarionLive! webinar featured Ton Van Den Broek, Russ Eggen and Andy Karzmacky from ClarionTools!

Ton and Russ demoed their Thin@ applications in production and after that Andy K. and Daniel showed ClarionTools demo apps running with Thin@ in the GoDaddy Cloud.

You can download the webinar recording.

Note: We had some technical difficulties during the Thin@-ClarionTools support section of the webinar, which were solved after the webinar. This is a short description of the problems and their cause:

1st Issue: Printing in the Thin@-ClarionTools demo app did not work as expected.
Cause: Too many WMF files have been generated in the temp folder on the server.
Solution: Clearing out the temp files and turning on the Auto-Cleanup feature solved the problem.

2nd Issue: A window in the Thin@-ClarionTool app did not appear as expected.

Cause: Window position saving bug in Clarion that puts the window off the display.
Solution: Turning off saving of the window position in Clarion.


Thin@ CIDC 2011 Overview (October 22, 2011)

Thin@ was presented at the Clarion International Developer Conference 2011 in Orlando. Apart from the presentation, people were also able to attend to Thin@ hands-on workshops.

Click here to read a special conference report prepared by Thin@ representatives.

Thin@1stPresentationThin@ 1st presentation introduced by Dave Harms from ClarionMag


Thin@ presented at the Clarion Live! DevCon 2010

More than 100 Clarion developers attended the Clarion Live! DevCon 2010 in Denver. The conference started on Thursday evening (October 28 2010) with a Welcome Reception Party. On the next day, the offical Welcome Keynote Speech was given by the conference organizers Arnold Young and John Hickey from ClarionLive!, which was followed by the Conference Keynote by Robert Zaunere from SoftVelocity via webcast. After that, from Friday to Sunday, a number of Clarion-related topics were covered by various presenters, including Bob Foreman, Pierre Tremblay, Bruce Johnson, Dave Harms, Gordon Holfelder, Mike Hanson, Rick Martin, Shawn Manson, Daniel Pavlic, Marko Golem, Phil Will, Jim Morgan, Tony Tetley, etc. Conference photos are available here.

Inverness Hotel

Marko Golem and Daniel Pavlic from RIS formed the Thin@ CLDC Presentation Team. Thin@ was first introduced on Friday by Daniel Pavlic, who gave a presentation on the main benefits of Thin@, which was followed by a demonstration of the new Thin@ Java Client by Marko Golem, followed by a Q&A session.

On Sunday morning Marko Golem held a Thin@ Workshop where people had the opportunity to see first-hand how to administer a Thin@ server (managing Thin@ servers, users, applications, user licenses, etc.), and how to implement Thin@ in a Clarion application.

After that Daniel Pavlic talked about a) various thin/smart client technologies which enable the development of Rich Internet Applications (see MarketScope for Ajax technologies and Rich Internet Applications by Gartner). The most popular RIA development platforms such as MS Silverlight, Adobe AIR and Java Fx were presented in more detail; b) contrasted Rich Interned Applications (RIA) and HTML+AJAX technologies; c) talked about the key features and benefits of the Software as a Service (SaaS) model and concluded with d) APaaS (Application Platform as a Service), which is considered the next step in evolution of RIA and SaaS, and a possible killer of the Cloud-Computing model.

The full videos of the Thin@ presentation, as well as other Clarion presentations, are available only to CLDC attendees on the CLDC website.


Thin@ webinar

Thin@ was presented on a Clarion Live webinar! You can download the presentation video here. Special thanks to Arnold and John from Clarion Live!

What is Thin@ ?

Thin@ (Thinet) is a thin client enterprise solution for Clarion professionally designed to meet the high standards of your business needs.

Why should I use it?

Because it solves the everlasting question: Desktop application vs. internet-based application. With Thin@, you can have the best of both worlds in a single solution! This solution solves the typical side effects of client-server desktop applications.

Thin@ thin client vs. Client-server
Thin@ applications Client-server applications
no database client required database client required
no application code on client side application code on client side
fast version refresh slow version refresh
secure database database security issues

On the other hand, with a thin client solution your client-server Windows application does not have to suffer from any transition penalty from the client-server environment to the web environment. Client-server Windows API environment was always more suitable (more user-friendly), faster and more reliable for end-users. You don't have to lose those advantages if you decide to run your application over the Internet in a thin client solution!

Do I have to make some additional programming?

No! Just install Thin@ set of templates, add them to your application, compile and deploy your application over the Internet with a small (1-2MB) client program. End users should have a complete client-server feel, as if they are using your application in a normal network environment with classic Windows API application style.

Why Clarion + Thin@? Why not Visual Basic or C#? Why not Java, ASP or PHP? Why not Ajax or Flex?

There are many reasons why. The first reason is that all those programming languages are much harder to master than Clarion, simply because most of them are general use programming languages, while Clarion is specialized in the field of business applications. This means that an average Clarion programmer will require significantly less training to be able to write a serious business application than a Java programmer (for example).
The second reason is that Clarion is a 4GL programming language, which means that it generates much of the source code instead of the programmer. This means that a Clarion programmer with less training will be more efficient than a PHP programmer (for example) with more training.
Taken together, we see that a Clarion programmer will do more work in less time, with less effort, and will spend less money on expensive courses. In other words, Clarion applications beat the competition by large when we talk about development cost.

Clarion + Thin@ vs. other web programming languages
  Clarion + Thin@ Other web technologies
Programming language Easy Hard to master
Specialization Business applications General
Programmer training Less training More training
PL generation 4GL hand - coding
Programmer efficiency more efficient less efficient
Overall cost $$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Taken together, we see that a Clarion programmer will do more work in less time, with less effort. In other words, Clarion applications beat the competition by large when we talk about development cost.

So, why doesn't everybody use Clarion then? Because Clarion was originally not meant to be a web-based development platform. And the solution to that problem is right before your eyes!

With Clarion and Thin@, not only will you develop your web applications much easier and faster than your competition, but your applications will also be much better than most of their web applications developed in languages as PHP or ASP. Such programming languages are simply not meant to be used for developing complex business applications where thousands of users perform various tasks at the same time and they expect an application that is fast and easy to use. They do not want to wait several seconds for the whole screen to refresh after they click a button! They also want to have numerous overlapping windows active at the same time. In other words, they want their desktop applications back! Flex and Ajax are new technologies which try to accomplish that. However, although they are more fit for serious business use than the before mentioned options, both technologies still suffer from high development cost.