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Thin@ Java Client beta 2


The new Thin@ Java Client beta 2 makes your Clarion applications available inside a browser and on various platforms. You do not have to rewrite your existing Clarion applications in other programming languages! Just compile them with the Thin@ template and place them on a Thin@ Server. Your Clarion applications will become Rich Internet Applications that can run inside a browser and on various platforms, including Windows, Linux and Mac. Plus, you will still be able to run them as a classic desktop application.

Run on any platform


Demo applications

If you want to see examples of a Clarion application running inside a Browser, visit our Thin@ Applications Demo page. You can run our Demo applications either with the Thin@ WinApi Client or with the new Thin@ Java Client beta.


Thin@ Java Client beta 2 implementation

The download archive contains four files: netclient-x.jar, JavaClient.html, JavaClient.jnpl LocalJavaClient.jnpl. If you wish to run your Clarion applications as Rich Internet Applications (RIA) within a browser upload the .jar and .html files to your web server. To access your applications enter the path to the JavaClient.html file in a browser, for example:

If you wish to make your Clarion applications accessible from the web as Out-Of-Browser (OOB) Rich Internet Applications (RIA), then edit the JavaClient.jnpl file and upload the netclient-x.jar and JavaClient.jnpl files to your web server.

If you wish to run the OOB RIA using the Thin@ Java Client on your local computer, then copy the files netclient-x.jar and LocalJavaClient.jnpl to the same directory on your local computer and run the Thin@ Java Client by double clicking on LocalJavaClient.jnp.

NOTE: The Thin@ Java Client is still in its beta stage so that you can expect some features not to work properly.


Technical details

Thin@ Java Client beta2 is a new Thin@ Client written in Java SE. It uses the Java SE Swing library to render the application User Interface. It can run on any hardware that supports the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). The Thin@ Java Client can be run in three distinct ways: 1) as a standalone application on your desktop 2) as a Java Applet in a Web Browser 3) as a standalone application that is accessed through a Web browser using JavaWebStart.