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Where to host Thin@ Applications?

When it comes to hosting your Clarion Thin@ applications, there are two options:

1) Leasing a Virtual Dedicated Server

In most cases, we recommend leasing a Virtual Dedicated Server to host your Clarion Thin@ applications. There are many companies that offer great hosting solutions. Our recommendation is Mochahost. They offer professional datacenters and great service at relatively low prices. One of their Virtual Dedicated Server solutions might be just right for your business.


Thin@ Application Server Hardware Requirements

For more information about hardware requirements of your Thin@ Application Servers, read this post on our forums.

2) Hosting Thin@ application on your own hardware

For many companies, hosting their applications on their own hardware is the right way to go. Our company has extensive knowledge in constructing a company Datacenter, so that if you have any questions regarding Datacenter Requirements, Network Infrastructure, Server Infrastructure, Storage options, Database Backup and Replication Solutions, High-Avalability options (UPS, Power Generators) etc., feel free to contact us.