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First Try It, Then Buy It!

Download and install Thin@ prior to purchase and try converting one of your Clarion applications to a Rich Internet Application. Detailed instruction manuals, as well as a QuickStartGuide are included in the installation package.

  Thin@ Full Installation*
Price FREE for Trial (see Thin@ Unregistered Server restrictions)
Includes: - Thin@ Server Environment
- Thin@ Developer Environment (Clarion template and files)
- Thin@ WinAPI Client
- Thin@ Java Client NEW
- Thin@ User Documentation
- Version Upgrades
Version: 3.2 (September 24, 2015)
Release notes

* Your own Clarion Developer Environment is needed. If you don't have one, you can purchase it here.

Thin@ Full Installation:

Download installer

Thin@ Full Installation (zip file):

Download ZIP

Previous version (2.11): Download

In order to make your Thin@ Server fully functional, you need to register it by following the Thin@ Server Registration Process. You will need to purchase a valid Thin@ Server Registration License.

  Thin@ Server Registration License
Price 1x Thin@ Server Registration License: 1000 USD
3x Thin@ Server Registration License: 2000 USD (1 free license)
Includes: - Thin@ Server Registration License
- Customer Support

If you want to try the Thin@ Java Client so that you can run your Clarion Thin@ applications inside the browser and on various platforms.

  Thin@ Java Client demo
Price FREE
Includes: - Thin@ Java Client
Version: Thin@ 3.2

Run the java Thin@ demo client:

Run Thin@ Java client

The download link will redirect you to our Thin@ demo server.